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Vendor of the Month: Larry King Orchestra

When it comes to wedding bands, all is not created equal!  Perhaps it is be because I was born with “music in my bones” (as my father used to say) or maybe because I have exceptionally good taste (as my husband would tell you) but I have seen and heard a lot of wedding bands in my 13 year career and there is no sound that compares to the Larry King Orchestra.

When you combine extraordinarily talented musicians with state of the art production and sound you get what is undoubtedly the best possible outcome for your wedding entertainment!  All of the musicians involved with The Larry King Orchestra are uber talented and the coolest part is they all have “day jobs” in the music industry (yes … that means they are not your every day “wedding band” and they really prefer to be called a “Society Band” but hey, this is a wedding planning blog so we’ll go with that)!  These guys have played with the likes of Mel Torme and The London Symphony Orchestra, Destiny’s Child and Beyonce Knowle, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Soul Asylum just to name a few! 

Larry King began his music career at the age of seven and was even featured in 5 commercials before age 13!! I am sure you have heard Larry’s silky voice on radio commercials (think WNUA) and never even knew it!  Larry is an amazing song writer and has written some beautiful pieces for his “non wedding band”  Soleil Moon as well as other talented musicians.  One such song White Cotton Dress is one of my all time favorites.  Long before it was picked up by Woody Bradshaw it was a stand out favorite for my client Sara and Greg Pittenger.  In fact, when Sara and Greg first went to meet Larry they walked in and he was playing this tune on his piano.  When they heard it they knew this was the right band and in fact White Cotton Dress was their first dance song!

I always like to put Larry on the spot in client meetings and ask him to play the piano and treat us all to his smooth sound … How could anyone resist that voice!!

I have to be fair though, one of the best parts of working with The Larry King Orchestra is having Mike Weber (the man behind the band … fantastic!).  Mike really knows his stuff and works his tails off to make sure the sound is absolutely perfect. And for a real treat he does all of the “rap” for the band.  My all time favorite is when they perform Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back.  They sound spot on to the CD and Mike makes the whole thing outstanding.  I can promise you if we are working an event with LKO and this song comes on, my entire staff takes the time to enjoy it!

To listen to some LKO music check out their website The Larry King Orchestra, I promise you will not be disappointed! 

And here are a few fantastic pictures from the always amazing Gina DeConti with Imaginative Studios.  Just a little sample of how much fun people have when LKO is performing and a few shots of the band!






And some super cool video footage!!

Vendor of the Month: Fleur, Inc.

January’s Vendor of the Month is Kelly Marie Uss from Fleur, Inc.  

Kelly’s extreme floral talent has been a source of enjoyment and amazement to me for years now.  We have worked together for over five years and I often joke that my portfolio should serve double duty because it displays so much of her work.

Kelly brings a fresh, contemporary look to the wedding industry.  She takes creative design and concept to a whole new level while sill being able to do the more traditional looks if that is what  a client wants.

Not only is Kelly extremely talented, she is just a down right wonderful person.  It has been my pleasure to become her friend over the past several years.  I always look forward to client meetings with her knowing we will be able to laugh and enjoy ourselves while we work.

Thank you Kelly, for all of your hard work and for sharing your talents with us so often!

It would be impossible for me to list all of my favorite floral designs from Kelly, so instead you will find a gallery of several favorites (just not nearly all of them!).  Just click on the images to see them larger.

Vendor of the Month: Warner Foto

We have worked with Rob Warner from Warner Foto for more than five years and each event we do with him is exceptional. Rob is one of those people who just makes you smile when you are in the same room with him and his quiet unobtrisuve style is perfect for weddings.  He takes the most amazing pictures and you never even know he is there!

As an event planner, it is always details, details, details and Rob never misses a beat.  I know that he will produce exactly the right images to highlight all of our hard work.  

With his amazing eye, Rob catches a unique and beautiful perspective each and every time.

Here are a few of my favorite shots!

Rob also takes beautiful family shots.  He was kind enough to do a photo shoot with my family last summer and here are my three favorites.

So Rob, we would like to thank you for always being wonderful and for all of your hard (and beautiful) work!!