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7 Ways to SPRING into action for the big day and beyond!

If you want to spring into action and get yourself fit, emotionally and physically, for the big day — then you will not want to miss this blog post. I have had the pleasure of knowing our guest blogger, Chris Szabo, for nearly 15 years now and let me tell you, she is a total powerhouse! I asked Chris to write about ways to get “wedding day” ready and then keep those routines long after the wedding. I love her fitness motto: Train – Evolve – Achieve. Train for an Adventurous Life.

The Big Day is fast approaching and there is so much to do! How can working out be something besides just another task to check off the endless list? There are lots of ways to make it happen – here are some main concepts to guide you to success:

1. Prioritize. Remember we make time for the things we want to prioritize. Whether it’s conscious or not, ‘not having time’ is the number one reason clients give for not getting the workout in or the results they want. It helps to reframe this by realizing ‘I make time for’ or ‘I choose to.’ It helps to think of working out as non-negotiable as brushing your teeth. You just do it. It’s part of your day.

2. Start with something you know and LIKE to do. I can’t emphasize this enough. Exercise can be hard work and is challenging. To have staying power it’s got to be something that you find satisfaction in, intrinsically. Is this taking a class on a regular basis? Is this working out with a friend? Do you like to dance? Take a hip-hop class. Rather lift weights? How about cross-fit or a strength class?

3. Make it count. It’s not only what you do that matters, but HOW you do it. You will get much more out of 30 minutes where you try to jog or run versus walk. Exertion counts. Sweat! You need to challenge yourself to make changes and take your fitness to the next level. There’s a place for reading books and magazines but if you read them when working out, you’re not making much of a difference in your fitness.

4. Be Accountable. For many clients, having to answer to someone or something other than themselves creates more accountability and commitment. What motivates you? If signing up and paying for classes will get you to workout, great! Do you hate the gym? Find a group or trainer to work outdoors. Want to spend more time with your spouse-to be? Find a time to workout together, or at least at the same time.

5. Persistence wins the day. So maybe you missed a day this week because you had a work project to do, or you were feeling sick. Make sure to keep it in perspective. Life happens. Keep in mind that missing a day or two isn’t the problem, it’s when that becomes a pattern that you develop issues. You didn’t bring your regular intensity to spin class? That’s ok. You showed up. Take the long term approach.

6. Schedule it, write it down. It’s great to have ideas and goals. It’s more important to write them down. Make things happen by creating goals that are realistic, time-bound, and measurable. These things don’t happen in your head. You’ve got to make them actionable items. Spin class is on the calendar, like a business meeting. Aim to workout two to three times a week on alternate days, for a few weeks. If you stay consistent with that, add in another day. If you already workout, shoot for five days, a recovery day, and a complete day off.

7. Focus on the process. It’s easy to focus on what pounds are coming on or off, or how you will look on the Big Day. While these things may matter to you, it’s most important to focus on how you will feel on that day and beyond. If you stay in the moment and focus on the process, one workout at a time, the rest generally takes care of itself.

Now take time to reflect on your successes and hard work along the way! You deserve it. By the time your Big Day comes around, you will shine with pride and confidence knowing what you did to get there.

greatest-expectations-szabo-fittness-chrisChris Szabo – Szabo Fitness, owner

Chris is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Bootcamp & Strength Instructor and Cross Country Coach.  She promotes a love of lifelong fitness through unique and fun workouts.  She especially enjoys empowering clients by building a sense of community and using the outdoors as her fitness playground.

Certifications Held: ACE Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Instructor, TRX trainer, USA Track & Field

Specialties: Strength Training, Body Weight Training, Core Training, BootCamp, TRX, Middle Distance/Distance Running

If you are in the Worthington, Ohio area be sure to check out Chris’ classes!

Class Times: Pure Strength: Mondays 7-8pm

Total Body Bootcamp: Wednesdays 5:45-6:45pm & Saturday 8:30-9:30am. All at the Worthington Community Center.

Wedding cake: Things to consider when booking


Photo by: averyhouse

One of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is selecting your wedding cake! However, just like every other aspect of wedding planning, if you are not prepared for the tasting, things can get overwhelming quickly.  

Many thanks to this weeks blog guest, Elysia Root. If you want super delicious cake in Chicago, Elysia is always a great bet!

Unless you’re a wedding planner, you probably don’t really know what to expect in terms of finding and booking your perfect wedding cake. It’s a fun process and can be very straightforward as long as you’ve been given a little introduction beforehand. We’ve put together some tips and general information that could be very helpful to know prior to diving into your wedding cake search.

Schedule your cake tasting at least 3 to 6 months in advance of your wedding date. Most custom cake studios have limited staff and dates do fill up (especially during popular wedding months and dates). Check the cake studio’s availability before making an appointment to avoid disappointment.

Do YOUR homework before meeting with a cake vendor. For example, find out if a wedding cake is included as part of your venue package. If it isn’t, see if there is a preferred vendor list. Are there extra charges for bringing in an outside vendor?

Bring as much information as possible for design inspiration (invitation, color swatches, photos of the attire, flowers, Pinterest boards). Be prepared to explain why you like certain elements. Talk to your partner prior to the consultation about what he/she wants as far as cake design.

Know how you’d like the cake to be distributed at your reception: plated or at a dessert station. If you would like the cake to be plated, then you must account for every single guest in your serving size. If you plan to have a dessert station, you can usually serve less cake (we suggest 20-25% less cake, and serve other desserts to make up the difference).

Know cake terms – tiers versus layers. Standard wedding cake slices are 1 inch deep, 2 inches wide and 4 inches tall.

Know how cake pricing typically works. Most wedding and custom cakes are priced by the slice. Each cake vendor will price differently based on skill, experience, location, ingredients, and other factors. Other aspects such as premium ingredients, sugar floral work, or complexity of design will most likely add to the cost of the cake. Keep in mind you are serving your wedding guests a meal equivalent to a fine restaurant experience at your wedding; a wedding cake slice should be thought of as equivalent to a dessert served at a restaurant.

Figure out the delivery. Who will be doing the delivery? Does your cake vendor provide rentals for the display of the cake, or do they have suggestions for rentals? Is your cake vendor properly licensed and insured?

Send all requested information prior to your cake tasting. If you were asked to make any selections such as choosing cake or filling flavors you’d like to try, send that promptly ahead of time. Some vendors do the tasting deconstructed (cake and fillings served to you separately) as opposed to constructed cake.


Photo by: Husar Photography

Know the difference between buttercream and fondant. There are many different kinds of buttercream such as American, Italian, and Swiss buttercream. Fondant is edible sugar paste made from powdered sugar, gelatin, glucose, glycerin and water, and it is only used as an icing (not a filling). In some cases, we recommend that you choose fondant. Why? Because sometimes only fondant can create the design that you’re looking for; it keeps the cake fresher, it makes it easier to handle (transport, slice, and most importantly, decorate), and it is heat-stable for warmer weather.

Tips on Choosing Your Cake Flavors

When discussing your wedding cake, we always recommend choosing flavors you personally love. We think that every detail of your reception should be a reflection of who you are as a couple. A wedding is more memorable when every details is a “favorite” of the couple and that absolutely applies to the flavor of your cake! Like the outside of the cake, the inside can be just as customized and we love working with our clients to create a scrumptious cake that tastes as good as it looks.

Analyze your palate – Do you enjoy fruity confections – or do you prefer something more nutty? How about dark, rich flavors such as a dark chocolate ganache? Or perhaps you enjoy sweet and salty combinations, such as a delicious salted caramel.

Seasonality – Think about what ingredients are available during the seasons: strawberries and raspberries in the summer, warm spice and pumpkin in the fall. Chocolate is available all year round (thank goodness!).


Photo by: Z+V Photography

Recreate your favorite dessert – some of our clients come in with a favorite dessert in mind – we deconstruct the dessert and build the flavors up as a cake. Some of the fun flavors we have created for clients are as follows: “Almond Joy Cake” –  Almond Cake, alternating layers of Dark Chocolate Ganache and Coconut Buttercream. “Peanut Butter & Jelly Cake” – Vanilla Cake, Peanut Butter Buttercream with Raspberry Preserves.

Don’t be afraid to go outside the box and treat the cake like a “composed” dessert. Mix up the four layers of cake and three layers of buttercream flavors to give your guests an unexpected surprise. Desserts are most memorable when they are unique and delicious. We let you choose three flavors of cake and five flavors of filling from our menu for your cake tasting so you can mix and match and come up with something that reflects your tastes to share with your guests.


Photo by: Geneoh Photography

wedding-cake-greatest-expectationsBefore launching Elysia Root Cakes, Elysia who has her B.S. in Business from the University of Illinois and a M.B.A. in Strategic Management and Marketing Management from the University of Chicago, worked in the insurance industry for 10 years. Cake decorating began as a fun hobby for Elysia in 2010 and she enjoyed making cake creations for her family, friends, and colleagues.

Elysia received her formal training in the pastry arts at The French Pastry School in Chicago where she attended L’art du Gâteau and studied with Chefs and Master Cake Artists Nicholas Lodge, Mark Seaman, and Kristin Ryan, as well as Chefs and World Pastry Champions Scott Green and Joshua Jackson. Elysia has continued to refine her skills by taking additional classes from some of the world’s best sugar and cake artists including Nicholas Lodge, Ron Ben-Israel, Mark Seaman, Susan Carberry, Lauren Kitchens, Mike McCarey, Courtney Clark, Debbie Brown, Marina Sousa, Rick Reichart, Jacqueline Butler, Kaysie Lackey, and Alexandria Pellegrino.

Mexican Fiesta – Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding Greatest Expectations

As we continue to suffer through the cold Chicago winter it is delightful to reminisce on past weddings in luxurious destinations. Today we share a really special wedding with you from Los Barriles, Mexico. Julia and Cosmo are a truly delightful couple that wanted an intimate, romantic beachside wedding with those they love most. This was an extra special wedding for us because these clients are also friends. Julia is a very talented photographer and Cosmo is a world-renowned chef. Can we say power couple?

Destination Wedding Greatest ExpectationsLos Barriles is a sleepy little fishing village about an hour from Cabo.  It is also where Cosmo proposed to Julia after working on a destination wedding we did together. Finding a meaningful spot for a destination wedding truly does make the entire experience that much more amazing.

To set the mood for invited guests, Sarah Drake Designs created the most stunning hand-painted invitations. Opening these little beauties was like getting a special gift in the mail. It was the type of invitation that you immediately hang up because you simply cannot stop looking at it.

Destination Wedding Stationery

Kicking the weekend off was one of the most festive and beautiful rehearsal dinners we have ever seen at Hotel Los Pescadores. There was so much excitement and joy in the decor that guests knew it was celebration time! Many of the guests walked to dinner from private beach houses and hotels clustered together in this sweet little village, continuing the personalized and intimate feel of the weekend.

Destination Wedding Greatest Expectations

Destination Wedding Greatest Expectations

Destination Wedding Greatest Expectations


Julia was a stunning bride! Every detail was perfectly attended to and she absolutely glowed. The bouquets were full of the rich, vibrant colors of coral, soft pink and white with a few succulents tucked in to add texture.

Destination Wedding Greatest Expectations

Destination Wedding Greatest Expectations

Destination Wedding Greatest Expectations Floral

The wedding party was dressed in fun and flirty outfits: soft, romantic gowns for the bridesmaids and casual, tropical printed shirts for the groomsmen.

Destination Wedding Greatest Expectations Destination Wedding Greatest Expectations

Everyone gathered on the beach for the sunset ceremony officiated by a personal friend. There was no shortage of tears and laughter throughout this meaningful custom and personalized ceremony.

Beach Wedding Ceremony Greatest Expectations

Beach Wedding Ceremony Greatest Expectations

Beach Wedding Ceremony Greatest Expectations

Beach Wedding Ceremony Greatest Expectations

Destination Wedding Greatest Expectations

Directly following the ceremony, guests headed back to the house where a poolside cocktail party awaited. They were greeted with unique sea shell escort cards, hand written by the bride herself, such sweet little keepsakes for people to take home.

Destination Wedding Greatest Expectations

The reception was adorned with long wooden feasting tables overflowing with beautiful centerpieces from Mazarte Floral, candles, custom glassware and rentals from Intuitive Designs and Let it Be Events and, as the sun went down, beautifully strung twinkle lights. There is nothing quiet like dancing and dining under the stars.

Beach Wedding Greatest Expectations

greatest-expectations-destination-wedding (55) Beach Wedding Greatest Expectations

While all of these other, wonderful things were taking place, Cosmo’s dear friends and fellow chefs (who came in from all over the United States) were busy preparing a wedding feast like nothing any of us had ever experienced before. Upon arriving to Los Barriles, these guys spent days deep sea fishing to catch what would become the wedding meal. The day before the wedding, they went to the local market and purchased the freshest and most delicious items to put the finishing touches on this farm-to-table delight.

greatest-expectations-destination-wedding (52) greatest-expectations-destination-wedding (51)

Capping the evening off were homemade cookies (Julia’s grandmother’s recipe, no less) and a speciality bourbon bar coordinated by Julia as a surprise for her new husband. It was quite a feat getting all of these rare and expensive bottles from Chicago to Mexico!

greatest-expectations-destination-wedding (53)

Bourbon Bar Greatest Expectations Destination Bourbon Bar Greatest Expectations Destination

greatest-expectations-destination-wedding (54)

It was such a joy to be part of this very happy occasion as a planner and a guest!

Kina Wicks Greatest Expectations Destination WeddingWhile there was no shortage of beautiful photographs from a room full of talented photographers, the images shown here are from Kina Wicks — the official photographer for this wedding.  The only exception is the rehearsal dinner shot which was from our owner, Heather Vickery.

Love is Love – Celebrating 1 Year of Marriage Equality in Illinois

Love is Love Logo

Last month we worked with an outstanding group of Chicago wedding vendors to plan and produce Love is Love, a celebration of 1 year of marriage equality in Illinois.  We had hundreds of people in attendance and it was quite the celebration!  It was such a delight being part of this event and we were thrilled to see many of our past and current same-sex clients in attendance as well.

That night, we all talked about how proud we were of Illinois and how awesome it was to see equal rights for all couples in love in our home state of Illinois.  Finally, we can say the same thing for the entire country!  We have celebrated and rejoiced for over a week now that the SCOTUS ruled in favor of marriage equality! We are seeing same-sex weddings happen all over the country, in cities and counties that some of us never dreamed would be a reality.  As a wedding planner who works with a lot of LGBT clients, my heart is overjoyed to see this wave of love wash over our nation.  This Independence Day we have something extra to celebrate.  While we know there is still a lot of work ahead for equality across races, religions, gender and sexuality, it is important to still take a moment to be thankful and celebrate our victories.  They may come slowly, but they are coming.  Our hard work and dedication to equality makes changes day by day, one step at a time.

I am delighted to share this beautiful video from my friend Keith at Poetic Productions.  He did a beautiful job capturing the Love is Love celebration for same-sex marriage.  We also have a really fun stop motion video from Doug and Doug McGoldrick Weddings.  It is a pleasure to share these beautiful pieces of art with you all.

love is from doug mcgoldrick on Vimeo.

I giant thank you to all of the outstanding vendors who came together to make Love is Love such an exceptional celebration.  Everyone at Greatest Expectations is thrilled and honored to work with each and every one of you!

Amy Beck Cake Design

Limelight Catering

J & L Catering

Entertaining Company 

Wolfgang Puck Catering

Modern Luxury Brides Chicago

ChicagoStyle Weddings Magazine

Lincoln Park Zoo

Halls Rentals

BBJ Linen

Revel Decor

Sound Investment

Greatest Expectations

SQN Special Events

Liven It Up Events

Emily Wheeler Custom Cakes

Rick Aguilar Studios

Doug McGoldrick Photography

Lofty Wedding Photography and Videography

Sprung Photo

Hendzel Productions

Poetic Productions

Beatmix Music

Okyne Medialab

Shutter Booth Chicago

KGA Garret Associates

Loft on Lake

Stand Up – Wedding Professional for Marriage Equality Chicago

All proceeds for Love is Love benefited Equality Illinois.

Project Gigeo – A Surprise Wedding Proposal

A couple of months ago we were approached to help plan a really unique wedding proposal.  We were excited about this adventure and enjoyed the entire process.  Below you will see photographs from Belen from Orange2Photo and Videography from Joey at Shift Focus Productions. Thank you to everyone at Lula Cafe  and all of our “extras” for helping make this such a special evening for Ken and Elena.

Here is the story of Ken and Elena …

They met on in September 2011. On their first date, they had two high-fives and 20 minutes of conversation before even placing their drink order. Their second date was a 14 hour adventure culminating in a 500 person robot vs. human all-night scavenger hunt/game of tag through the streets of Chicago. From there, the countless adventures continued…travel to four continents…… hiking, climbing, skiing, camping, scuba diving…parties, concerts, and dancing…meeting family and friends…moving in together.

On a typical Tuesday night, Ken took Elena out for a “date night” to one of her favorite Chicago restaurants. Little does she know the restaurant is really closed and filled with extras. Ken excuses himself to the restroom…

Lula Cafe was the perfect setting for the big surprise.

Lula Cafe was the perfect setting for the big surprise.

Scene 1:

Actors begin to read Ken and Elena’s profiles over the restaurant speakers.

"Ken and Elena" pull out their laptops for the Skit

“Ken and Elena” pull out their laptops for the Skit

An unsuspecting Elena looks at the menu as the skit starts.

An unsuspecting Elena looks at the menu as the skit starts.

Elena starts to catch on.

Elena starts to catch on.

Scene 2: Robots vs. Human Chicago Tag Game

Robots in the Robots vs. Humans Skit

Robots in the Robots vs. Humans Skit

"Ken & Elena" in the Robots Vs. Humans Skit

“Ken & Elena” in the Robots Vs. Humans Skit

Scene 3: Christmas Tree Hunting

"Ken & Elena" in the ChristmasTree Hunting Skit

“Ken & Elena” in the Christmas Tree Hunting Skit

Scene 4: Gingerbread House / Marshmallow Fight

Elena meets Ken’s family for the first time: Elena turns gingerbread decorating into an all-out marshmallow fight… Ken slips, cracks his head open and is taken to the ER… Ken and Elena say “I love you” for the first time.

"Ken" splits his head open after the extensive marshmallow fight. EMT's to the rescue.

“Ken” splits his head open after the extensive marshmallow fight. EMT’s to the rescue.


Scene 5: South African Safari / Moonlight Skinny Dipping

"Driving" through the jungle.

“Driving” through the jungle.

Jungle Animals

Jungle Animals

South African Safari complete with Safari animals and a Safari Jeep!

South African Safari complete with Safari animals and a Safari Jeep!

After the Safari ... There was Moonlight Skinny Dipping.  Love the rip off clothing and nude suits.

After the Safari … There was Moonlight Skinny Dipping. Love the rip off clothing and nude suits.


Each new skit surprises and delights Elena.

Each new skit surprises and delights Elena.


Scene 6: Hiking & Camping / Peru

Hiking adventures.

Hiking adventures.

"Ken and Elena" hike through the mountains in Peru.

“Ken and Elena” hike through the mountains in Peru.

"Ken and Elena" meet children while hiking.

“Ken and Elena” meet children while hiking in Peru.

Scene 7: Mediation atop the Pyramid of the Sun Teotihuacan Mexico

All friends and extras participated in the finale. Performers from the skits begin to form the circle.

All friends and extras participated in the finale. Performers from the skits begin to form the circle.

Changing "Om" everyone gathers together, butterflies are released and Ken begins to part the crowd toward Elena.

Changing “Om” everyone gathers together, butterflies are released and Ken begins to part the crowd toward Elena.

Elena in awe.

Elena in awe.

The man of the hour appears.

The man of the hour appears.

Ken gets down on one knee to propose.

Ken gets down on one knee to propose.

She didn’t just say “yes” she said ABSOLUTELY!

She said YES!

She said YES!




Followed by a champagne toast and lots of hugs!

Champagne toast!

Champagne toast!

Such an emotional night with the love of friends and family.

Such an emotional night with the love of friends and family.

Watch the video below to see the whole event!


We offer the most heartfelt congratulations to Ken and Elena as your adventure continues …

Chic in the City – Inspired Designers’ Challenge!

Last year we were honored to work with ChicagoStyle Weddings on their Designers’ Challenge.  The design concept and general creative direction was left up to us, but we were partnered with a “surprise” creative team … We were so pleased with the team assigned to us!  We couldn’t have asked for a better group!  Below are the images that the magazine featured.

We hope you enjoy it and it inspires you throughout your process.

This sexy yet elegant design showcases glamorous details while still being romantic and fun. We combined slate grey, apple green and white with a variety of textures and patterns to pull everything together in a sleek, sophisticated look. The result? Crisp style perfect for the chic Chicago bride.



















Planner/Stylist: Heather Lynne Vickery, Greatest Expectations Special Events & Weddings,  Inc. 

Floral, Custom Lamp Shade, Custom Napkins: Stems

Invitations, Placecards, Menus and Favor Boxes: Elizabeth Grace

Cake and Macaroon Topiaries: Alliance Bakery

Charger Plates, Stemware, Flatware, Napkin Rings, and Dining Chairs: Halls Rental

Draping, Lighting, Table and Wing Back Chairs: Precision Sound and Lighting  / Modern Event Rental


Curious Monkey Birthday Party

Cute little “Curious” Tessa just turned two and to celebrate she demanded a “Curious Monkey” party at her favorite place on earth, Gymoree Play and Music.

 This super fun yellow, pink and brown party featured the most adorable paper products from Party Plan-it Designs.  They do such an amazing job and everything comes packaged together.  I must admit, my personal favorite was the custom birthday banner.  It was not only super cute but came beautifully assembled and ready to hang! The products that Party Plan-it provided were countless but included invitations, tent cards, water bottle labels, cupcake toppers, welcome sign, stickers, favor tags and thank you notes! The yellow and white paper straws with customized pink flags came from Babs Giddy Gappers, the cupcake wrappers were from Olivia’s Paper Shoppe and the chalkboard labels (used on the bottles) came from Bugaboo Gifts. It’s worth mentioning that all of these vendors are on etsy!

The guests were treated to delicious banana cupcakes from Truffle Truffle and I think it’s fair to say the birthday girl really enjoyed them!!  Then everyone played the afternoon away on the bubble filled play floor and left with delightful gift baskets full of party favors.

Thank you to Samantha from Puddle Jumpers Photography for all of the attached images.

All and all it’s fun to be two!


A Look Back at 2011

I am excited to welcome 2012.  I can already tell it is going to be a fantastic year!

It is always good to welcome a new year by reflecting on the previous one … So here are some of our favorite memories from 2011 including weddings we have coordinated as well as events we have participated in within the wedding industry.  It was hard to narrow them down and they appear in no particular order.  I hope you enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with us  (and you can always look back through the blog for more details about each event!).


A special thanks to the following photographers for the above images: Amanda Hein Photography, Bellissima Photography, Danielle Aquiline PhotographyDavid Wolfe Photography, Fred Fox PhotographyGerber + Scarpelli Wedding Photography, Jennifer Kathryn PhotographyJeremy Lawson PhotographyMegan W PhotographySimply Jessie Photography.




The eleven eleven WEDDING Giveaway, featured on TV and in Newspaper

We are so proud of the work we have done with the eleven eleven WEDDING Giveaway.  The event is extremely near and dear to our hearts since we created it in 2010.  This year’s exceptional event took place yesterday at The Chicago History Museum and was featured on the ABC 7  News 6:00 pm broadcast and in the Chicago Sun Times.

Working with the winners, Amy and Howard, was a truly exceptional experience.  They are the kind of people you just want to be around all of the time, infectious, generous, gracious, funny, kind (I could go on and on). It was such a pleasure to introduce them to each of the sponsors and work with them throughout the planning process.

It is important to note that none of this would be possible without the constant support from the vendors in our community. We are so blessed to work with these amazing people who give of their time, talents and resources so willingly and with such grace. We are truly humbled by the experience and thank you simply does not seem to be “big enough” but we hope it will do.

Keep an eye out for some sneak peak pictures from Amanda Hein Photography.

The eleven eleven WEDDING Giveaway for 2012 will be announced sometime in February so please check back often and send in those applications, as you can see,  dream weddings really can come true!

You can find all of our sponsors listed below.  We thank them all, from the bottom of our hearts.






Amanda Hein Photography
Amy Beck Cake Design
Bella Bridesmaid
Berghoff Catering Group
Blacktie Formalwear
Ceremonies for your life
Chicago History Museum
Chicago Trolley
Fleur, Inc
Greatest Expectations Special Events & Weddings, Inc
Halls Rental Service
Hotel 71
Jenny Yoo Collection
Joy B Millinery
Magnificent Milestone
Mario Tricoci
Poetic Productions
Private Label Linen
Rappatone Boutique Training
Rosemary Hall Calligraphy
ShutterBooth Chicago
Team Blonde
The Larry King Orchestra
The Left Bank Jewelry  & Shoes
Truffle Truffle

All images are from the Chicago Sun Times Article.

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