While Sipping a Glass of Champagne With …



Ken Severin, Weddings by Blue Plate catering extraordinaire!!

It took me awhile to pin Ken down for this interview so lets not wait a second longer …


Good Afternoon Ken, thank you for joining me for a glass of champagne.  Can you tell me how you got into Catering?

Oh, I guess this all stems from my mother.  When I was younger, my mother would entertain a great deal.  So, I guess my love of food and entertaining comes from her.  I imagine the catalyst for my career was that day when I was nineteen, studying French in Paris and just happened to wander into the doors of the famous Le Cordon Bleu de Paris.  The next thing I knew I was enrolling into their program.  (It was an opening which had just become available as someone had withdrawn.  The program started the next week)!  I completed the Cordon Bleu’s Grand Diploma a year and a half later.  Then, one thing just led to another.    

You have been in the business a long time, what do you love about it?

I love the moment when all the elements of a party come together, and the client is very content.  I like knowing that I contributed to their happiness.  

What do you not love about it?

Oh, well, it’s never fun when the party’s over, right?

Where is your favorite venue to work in?

I have very modern taste.  So, I enjoy venues such as the Ivy Room, the River East Arts Center, Prairie Productions and A New Leaf.  In particular, I enjoy working at the Ivy Room as I adore their venue rep! (we here at Greatest Expectations approve of this shameless plug for Donna at The Ivy Room because we adore her also! Stay tuned to future Champagne interviews because we hope to sit down with Donna soon.)

What are your three favorite items on the Weddings by Blue Plate menu?

Blue Plate’s Executive Chef, Paul Larson, always continues to amaze me. At a recent menu roll-out, in particular, I enjoyed two hors d’oeuvres: an organic grit cake with a sweet corn succotash and a risotto “pillow” with mascarpone, golden raisins, brown butter and sage. 

What are your three favorite desserts on the Weddings by Blue Plate menu? 

I enjoy many of Blue Plate’s desserts.  In particular, I enjoy our petit strawberry-rhubarb crisp, our mini caramel mousse “bombe” and our French macaroons.  (you guys have heard me go on and on about those tasty little Blue Plate sweets, how could I possible leave this all important question out of Ken’s interview!)

If you were not in catering what would you be doing?

A wedding consultant.  (I am so glad Ken is not my competition!)

What is your favorite color? Fashion Designer?  Restaurant?

Well, I’m not too much into fashion.  But, I do like the color green, and I have a lot of favorite restaurants.  My current favorites are Sola and Blue Plate’s restaurant, Bluprint.  North Pond Café has always been a favorite of mine.  

If you could design your own wedding (or special event) what would it  look like?

I would want great food, great wine, and great company.  For me, that’s what it’s all about.  

Do you travel often?  What was your favorite place to visit?

I don’t know if you’d say that I travel often.  I do, however, go each year to the Stratford Festival of Canada with my family.  We all enjoy theatre very much.  

What is your favorite thing about working with Greatest Expectations?
You make everything appear so effortless!  And you surround yourself with some wonderful people.  I like everyone with whom you choose to work.  


Thank you Ken! Those are very kind words and we appreciate them very much. It is always a pleasure to work with you and the Weddings by Blue Plate staff.  We look forward to a continued and growing friendship and partnership with you.

Here is a “retro” picture of our friend Ken. He refused us a current picture but we got so much enjoyment out of this one we could not leave it out.  My little PSA, however, Ken is smoking a cigarette in this picture.  We just want to go on record as saying we do not advocate smoking in anyway and are great friends of The American Cancer Society.  I duly shamed him for having a smoke in his hand when I first saw the picture 🙂


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